The Advantages of Hiring a Professional House Painter

Whether you want to paint the interior or the exterior of your house, doing it yourself can be quite rewarding, especially when you take a step back and look at the finished result. However, every homeowner should know that in order to get a durable paint job with a professional finish, it is highly recommended to hire professional house painters.

If you are currently planning an exterior or an interior paint job, and you are not sure whether you should do it yourself or hire a painter, take a look at some of the main pros and cons.

Pros of DIY-ing a Paint Job

The main advantage of DIY-ing a paint job is the fact that you can cut the costs significantly if you don’t pay the hourly rate of a professional contractor. However, there are certain expenses that the homeowner will have such as paint brushes, rolls, primer, paint, drop cloths, etc.

Buying materials and supplies can be quite difficult and you might end up spending more money than if you hired a professional painter. The main reason is that a person who doesn’t have sufficient experience with the whole painting process might buy stuff that they don’t need. So, all in all, saving money is the only advantage, but it isn’t always possible, as you will have to buy different tools and materials that a professional contractor already has.

Pros of Hiring a Qualified Painter

  • Time - Before you make a decision, you must know that painting takes quite a lot of time. It is very likely that a homeowner gets stuck in the middle of the painting project because of their job or lack of time. On the other hand, a professional painter will only focus on the task at hand being able to get the job done much quicker. On average, a homeowner with a full-time job will take about a whole month to complete a paint job, while a team of professional painters can finish in less than a week.

  • Insurance - If somehow, something goes wrong and the paint job is not good, a professional painter’s insurance will cover it.

  • Difficulty - To the untrained eye, painting walls can seem like an easy thing to do. However, this task requires a lot of skill, using the right tools, and knowing what paint to choose. A qualified painter will easily take care of all these aspects.

  • Effort - By hiring a professional painter, you save yourself a lot of hassle and pain. Additionally, you avoid falling from the ladder and getting injured.

  • Tools -  Professional painters already have all the necessary tools to complete the painting job successfully. It would be very expensive for a homeowner to buy professional tools and supplies, not to mention that they might not even know what to buy.

As a homeowner, every few years you might need to repaint the exterior or the interior. Hiring a professional painter to do the job properly is the right thing to do because this way you ensure that the paint job is durable and done properly. If you want to find professional painters you can jump on the Bricks + Agent platform, post your job anonymously, and wait for the contractors to place their offers.

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